2023/2024 Fort Collins Stars Teams

8U Herbert (Recreational)

  • Team is Full

10U Neith/Long

  • Coach Kyle: 970-310-7379, kyle.neith@gmail.com
  • Coach Randy: 970-214-9184, randylongsoftball@gmail.com
  • Team is Full

12U Brown

  • Coach Will: 602-561-0162, wbsoftball@gmail.com
  • Primarily 2nd year 12U, All 12U welcome. Looking for 1-2 Experienced “B” Level Players.

14U Demmler

  • Team is Full

14U Somday/Nielsen

  • Primarily second year 14U. Looking for “A” level catcher and “A/B” level utility player

16U Kottwitz

  • Coach Mike: 970-310-3999
  • Looking for 1 pitcher

16U Harpman

  • Team is full

18U Cruz

  • 1st or 2nd year 18u. Looking for 1 pitcher and 1 utility player

18U Stalcup

  • Team is Full

**Please feel free to contact coaches directly if their contact information is listed or you can use our “Contact Us” page.**