Tryouts for 2020-2021 Season!


10U – TBD – **Need Coaches**!!  looking to form at least one team of young athletes! 

12U – Somday/Riofrio – FULL

12U – Nielson – looking for experienced players only – please inquire

14U – Stalcup – looking for specific position players. 

14U – TBD – **Need Coaces**!! looking to form at least one other 14U team of young athletes!  

**We will hold a 14U ONLY tryout on July 14, 2020 from 6-8 pm (5:30 check-in) at Harmony Park.  Please inquire through website prior to tryout.  Thanks!

16U – Durnil – may have a spot for 1-2 athletes.

16U – Bode – will look at specific experienced positional players. 

16U – Wangnild – will look at specific experienced positional players. 

**We will hold a 16U ONLY tryout on July 15, 2020 from 6-7 pm at Fossil Creek Park west – this is a location change! (off Lemay across from Southridge golf course).  Please RSVP through this website prior to tryout.  Thanks!

18U – Cobb – may have a spot for 1-2 athletes.

18U – Engstrom – looking for 5-7 athletes to complete this team!  Please inquire through this website! 

What a crazy year in all of our lives – we give special THANKS to those organizations who found a safe way to get these girls back on the field to salvage what was a very short season due to COVID-19.  

Many of our teams from this year will remain intact – because of this, we will only be administering an “invitation-only” private tryout this year.  If you’d like to tryout for one of the spots below, please fill out the inquiry form under the “Contact Us” tab on this website.  We will forward to the appropriate coach(es), and they will reach out to arrange a tryout.  

If you, or someone you know, is interested in coaching, and have past experience – please also inquire.  Many times, we have girls that want to play, but nobody to coach them.  We are happy to look at forming additional teams if the interest is there. 



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